Cancer patients given insight into their future

Thanks to the kind support of our donors, fundraisers and volunteers, we have been able to help fund a specialist new 3D camera and imaging software for the medical photography team at Royal Preston Hospital. 
The kit (which we supported with £14,675 of our charitable funds, alongside £10,000 from the Plastic Surgery Department) will allow breast cancer patients who have undergone a mastectomy to be given a glimpse into the future by being shown how reconstructive surgery could look.
Team lead medical photographer Lucy Tinniswood explained: “With the new camera, we just need three to six images, which are stitched together and uploaded to the software to create one 3D image.
“This image can be rotated in any direction for a 180° or 360° view. It can show accurate automated measurements where previously the surgeon had to physically measure the patient. It also allows for an element of manipulation for pre-operative planning and visualisation of what someone could look like post-operatively and post-reconstructive surgery.”
Lucy continued: “For a breast cancer patient who is considering reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy, the surgeon can now show them an image of the potential end result, helping them to make an informed decision. It is hoped by managing expectation, it will help reduce the number of surgeries a patient will need to go through.”
And it is not just breast cancer patients set to benefit as Lucy and her team not only work closely with consultant plastic surgeons Mr Jeyaram Srinivasan and Mr Chidi Ekwobi, but also with the maxillo-facial specialists here at the Trust.
Their patients include those in potentially disfiguring treatment for mouth, head and neck cancers, who may be offered facial reconstructive surgery. In addition, burns and accident patients could also see how plastic surgery may be able to shape their future too.
Thanks so much to our supporters for raising the funds to enable the purchase of this innovative kit – it will help make such a difference for patients!
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