Become a Volunteer

Could you give us a little bit of your time?

Volunteers helping with a supermarket collection

We are lucky to be invited to take part in community events across the Rosemere area; coffee mornings, store collections, agricultural shows, fetes, festivals and charity fairs. These events are wonderful opportunities for us to raise both funds and awareness of Rosemere Cancer Foundation. Even the fabulous coffee shop here in the centre is run entirely by hard-working volunteers.

Many volunteers prefer to work independently while, in some areas, volunteers come together to form a local Rosemere group.  A typical group will meet 3 or 4 times a year, deliver newsletters to local shops, churches and schools while keeping an eye out for new opportunities and coming up with ideas for events of their own. There might well be a group on your doorstop. Why not call Sharon who can tell you about other supporters close to you? Sharon's direct line is 01772 528435. Becoming part of a group is a great way to make new friends and have fun raising money for Rosemere.

Whether you can spare a couple of hours once or twice a year or would like to dedicate several hours each week we would love to hear from you. Please emails us at or call us on 01772 528435.