Brighter skies ahead for our radiotherapy patients

As well as the big things, such as groundbreaking cancer research projects, or expensive, top-of-the range pieces of clinical equipment like the surgical robot we funded a few years ago, Rosemere also fund smaller things – things that simply make our patients that little bit more calm and comfortable at a potentially very stressful time.

One of these, that we know many of our patients appreciate, are the virtual sky ceiling panels in our radiotherapy rooms here at the Cancer Centre at Royal Preston Hospital.

We have recently spent £3,200 on fitting the new panels in our LA2 treatment room, so our patients can watch wispy white clouds floating across sunny blue skies as they undergo their treatment. They help create a calming, relaxed, and positive atmosphere – something that definitely makes a difference for the 300 patients, from across the whole of Lancashire and the South Lakes, that are looked after in our radiotherapy centre each day.

Now seven of our eight radiotherapy rooms have these panels installed, and we’re hoping to be able to purchase our final virtual sky soon! Thank you so much to our supporters for making this possible. 

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