Rosemere's Fundraising Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing to raise funds for the Rosemere Cancer Foundation (RCF), to help us make a difference for local cancer patients.  We would like to make you aware of the following terms and conditions that we ask you to adhere to, and agree with, before you commence your fundraising for us.

If you are aged under 18, you must confirm that your parent or guardian has agreed to accept responsibility for complying with these terms and conditions.


Your Fundraising Event or Activity

  • In undertaking your fundraising activity for us, you will be acting “in aid of” RCF. This means that although you are raising funds for us, and potentially using our Charity materials, you are acting independently of the Charity, and have no authority to act in the Charity’s name. In accordance with the Fundraising Regulator's guidelines, you will need to declare on any marketing materials that your event or activity is 'in aid of' RCF.
  • The Charity will accept no responsibility or liability for your fundraising event or activity, including any losses or damages, and should the Charity disapprove of your fundraising methods, we can take action to prevent your activity going ahead.  RCF will offer, if requested, any advice or support possible to ensure that your fundraising activity is legal, safe, moral, and effective.
  • It is advisable to carry out a risk assessment prior to your activity. You are responsible for the health and safety of all involved, and responsible for obtaining any relevant licences – eg, alcohol sales, public liability insurance.
  • If your event involves gambling – eg, a raffle or lottery – you must discuss this with the Charity, as it may require an additional licence. 
  • Should your event involve collecting donations in a public area, it is a legal requirement to request a licence from the relevant local authority. Should you be collecting on private land, you must ensure you have the land owner’s permission. RCF does NOT condone house-to-house collections.
  • Deductions of expenses from your activity should be kept to a minimum, and must be discussed with RCF prior to your event. You must specifically communicate to your attendees/donors if you are claiming expenses incurred from your event – eg, ‘All proceeds after incurred expenses will be donated to the Charity.’
  • You must transfer all funds raised through your fundraising activity to the Charity within four weeks of the date of your event. RCF may make steps to recoup funds raised in its name. Should your fundraising take place over a prolonged period, funds must be transferred at regular intervals, to be agreed with your contact at the Charity.
  • Any materials or items borrowed from the Charity for your event must be returned as soon as possible afterwards, in the same state as when initially taken.
  • If you are fundraising using a sponsorship form, this must be an approved RCF form, unless you have prior agreement with the fundraising team. This form should be returned to the Charity alongside the funds raised.
  • In raising funds for RCF, your activity must not be intended to make a personal profit or raise your business profile, nor should you associate your ‘brand’ with that of the Charity without prior agreement. Activities that do this may be subject to a separate, commercial agreement.


Personal Data

  • RCF will store your personal data – including name and contact details – in accordance with current data protection laws. Should you need to collect personal data for your event or activity, you must also adhere to these laws.
  • For further information about how we use data, please see our Privacy Policy:


Marketing Materials and Use of Logo

  • The fundraising team will send you a copy of the RCF ‘in aid of’ logo to use on any marketing materials you produce for your event or activity, should you require it. These materials must be approved by the Charity prior to use. The logo must be used in accordance with our brand guidelines, and you should not use our Charity logo without express permission.


Photos and Video

  • Should you take images or video at your event, you must ensure that identifiable people have given their consent to be filmed or photographed, and to have their footage shared. Should any of these people be under the age of 18, you must have gained this consent from their parent or guardian.


If you have any concerns or queries, or wish to discuss your fundraising further, please get in touch with the fundraising team. You can call 01772 522 913 or email

Thank you.