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Day 6 Part 2 - Encounter with a critter and other things!

Critter under the bed After freshing up I started to make my way to the restaurant for our 6 45pm rendezvous. I'd just left my room and was swiftly accosted by Sue & Dot who had fear in their eyes. They'd found a critter on their wall with multiple legs and wanted it catching and removing. I attempted to knock it in to a glass, but it was too quick and scuttled off under Dots bed. Qué, David & John who flew through the door to help. We dragged the bed out of the way and David, fleet of foot squished the bug against the wall with his right boot before scraping it up and chucking it out of the door much to Dot and Sue's relief.

Chop Stick Challenge

We wandered down to tea in the hotel restaurant and was shown to our dining area. Tonight was quiz night and as soon as we'd finished eating we huddled together in 4 teams. 3 or 4 and one of 5, with Simon our quiz master and Isla our adjudicator. The topic was China and our subjects ranged from Geography and History to current affairs and the chop sticks challenge. The most hilarious round was the music round, where we had to make our own trek theme tune and perform it to the audience. The winner of this round was Mr & Mrs S's team with a Bollywood themed dance performed by John F & Krishna and lyrics by Jeyeram & Leoine. 

The stakes were high and rivalries fierce, with every round a nail biting process. Final scores were counted and our over all winners were Szechuan Nuhai aka Spice Girls. Their prize being a bottle of local Fire Water spirit. This is to be shared at the summit of tomorrow's walk before we chose our various routes to the bottom (more to follow tomorrow on that).

With the team bond as close as ever and the restaurant now empty, Simon hooked up his speaker and played numerous tunes on request. With the ladies in their element and the men sat by watching (not stereotypical at all), good fun was had by all. There was even time for a dance off between Gerry and Krishna. 

We then retired to our rooms for an early start in the morning.

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