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Day 1 - Departure

Well, we all made it to Manchester Airport safe and sound to meet Simon & Isla from Skyline at Terminal 1 in Manchester Airport this morning. 

My Rosemere duties had started a little earlier when I attended a Coffee Morning at my daughter's school, Hoddlesden At Paul's in aid of Rosemere at 9am. After a few pieces of delicious cake and thanking other parents for their support, I ran home to be greeted by my mum loading my bags in to her car. 1 hour later I arrived to meet the team. 

As we made our way through check in, security and passport control the team dispersed to the various duty free shops and cafes dotted around the terminal to pass the time. 

We depart at 1pm destined for Vienna, before a quick turnaround to our connecting flight to Beijing where we will arrive at 9am local time tomorrow.

We will be met by our Chinese guide and whisked off to our hotel to dispatch our luggage before getting our first sight of the wall with a 3 hour trek to get us straight in to the swing of things. No time for any jet lag!!

Until tomorrow...... 

We’re Ready for the Off!

I can’t quite believe that in just 5 days we set off to take on the challenge of a life time. The Great Wall of China is one of the 7 wonders of the world, the only man-made structure that can be seen from space! Rosemere has a 17 strong team of walkers taking on the challenge which will including ascending and descending the notorious Heavens Ladder. The trekkers have come from across Lancashire & South Cumbria and have formed a strong bond over the past few months. The group has gathered for various training walks which have been chosen to try and replicate some of the terrain we will encounter. From the steps of Pendle to the peak of Ingleborough, the miles have been put in to the legs in preparation for what lies ahead of us.

Everyone has also been very busy fundraising and as a team we hope to raise £20,000 towards the ongoing Ribblesdale Ward Appeal. As I type we have already raised £11,500 towards this total. If you’d like to help us hit our goal, please donate via my Just Giving page -

The team has been busy over the past few weeks securing visa, getting inoculations and picking up last minute pieces of kit that will be vital for the trip ahead. We also have a team t-shirt that will be worn on the last day of our walk along the wall. These arrived on Wednesday and are fantastic. They were kindly part sponsored and designed by Brand It Northwest Ltd - from Darwen.  

Over the weekend I’ll be double checking I have everything I need for the challenge ahead, then it’s off to Manchester Airport on Wednesday morning where the team will meet at 10am in Terminal 1. Here we will be greeted by our trek guide and doctor who will support us along our journey. From Manchester we fly to Vienna, Austria before our 2nd leg on to Beijing where we will land at 9am on 18th October. We will be whisked off to our starting point on the wall in Huangyaguan and will trek for approx. 4 hours to get us straight in to the swing of things, no rest for the wicked!

I hope to keep you up to date with our daily challenges via this blog, subject to Wi-Fi availability and connectivity. Watch this space…

Training and Team Building

 Great wall of China 2

In preparation for the Trek along the Great Wall our team of 17 have been undertaking their own training regimes and we have arranged monthly walks over the past 4 months to meet as a group and bond. Our most recent trek up Ingleborough was certainly character building with 70mph winds and visibility of less than 2 metres. We’ve been reassured the weather in China will be better, but the walk will be extremely challenging over varied terrain.

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