Our latest news — articles for September 2017

Copa Fizz Drinks Benefit Rosemere

Rosemere supporters and friends Louise and Gillian have launched a new mobile drinks business, Copa Fizz, in which they have converted an authentic Italian Piaggio truck, called Gino, into a gin and Prosecco Bar. They have stocked Gino’s bar with a variety of gins from Northern small batch distilleries, including one from Brindle. They also have Glera Frizzante on tap and Prosecco by the bottle.

Rosemere is a charity close to their hearts and will benefit from the sale of their pink-themed Copa Rose package which also includes a pink Peroni which they have designed.

To find out more about the packages offered by Copa Fizz - copa being the name of the large, round glass used to serve gin – including the Copa Rose package, which supports Rosemere Cancer Foundation, visit www.copafizz.co.uk