Rosemere Trek to Machu Picchu 2020

Join our Trek to the Lost City of the Incas

Join Rosemere and visit the lost city of the Incas above the clouds. On our trek to Machu Picchu you will discover the secrets of the ancient Incan ruins and visit the cradle of the Incan Empire in Peru.  We will journey over the remote Lares region of the Peruvian Andes through high mountain passes, green valleys, tranquil mountain lakes and witness the breath-taking views of the snow-capped Andes.

We trek in an area that doesn’t see many tourists, where local farmers work with their hands and children run alongside us. This trip has it all: culture, nature, history, and delicious food and drink!

For those of you with a love of beautiful landscapes, history and a sense of adventure then this is the perfect trek challenge for you! Witness what explorer Hiram Bingham saw when he first discovered Machu Picchu over 100 years ago – you won’t forget that first breath-taking glimpse of this fascinating ancient site.

Rosemere travel between 22nd & 31st October 2020 and included in the trip costs are: travel by coach to and from Heathrow from one agreed collection point in Preston, all additional travel, accommodation (hotels & tents), nearly all meals, drinking water, British and local trek guides, support team (including cooks & wranglers) and a British Doctor.

There are two payment options for this trip;

A)           Self-fund – You pay a £399 booking fee to secure your place on the trip and then have a trip cost of £2395 to pay off 12 weeks before we travel. This can be paid in adhoc instalments between now and then or as a lump sum.  *There is no minimum sponsorship required*

B)            Minimum Sponsorship – You pay a £399 booking fee to secure your place and then commit to raising a minimum of £4800 in sponsorship. If 80% of this figure hasn’t been raised 12 weeks before we travel your place will become null and void. From the £4800+ raised, £2400 is used to cover the trip costs and the remaining monies are classed as a donation. So in theory for every £100 donated/raised, £50 will be received by Rosemere.

* If you choose the self-fund option there is no obligation to raise any sponsorship, but any monies that are raised are a pure 100% donation to our charitable cause. We encourage everyone who self-funds to fundraise and set a soft request of £1000 per person. Some will raise much more than this, other will raise less. We will encourage and support you with whatever fundraising efforts you choose to undertake providing relevant fundraising tools, equipment or advise along the way.*

If you would like to secure your place on this amazing adventure, please click here

For further details, please contact Head of Fundraising, Dan Hill at or 01772 522913