Frozen Delight

Staff around ice making and dispensing machine

Rosemere has bought an ice making and dispensing machine costing £2,358 for patients on the Ribblesdale Ward through an act of good karma that came about by chance! The money for the machine was donated to Rosemere by Valerie Bennett, of Whitworth. The machine was already on order and Rosemere was planning to fund it, however, Valerie stepped in when she saw a post on an individual’s fundraising site about the need for ice by patients on the ward. She offered straight away to pay for the ice machine through her company Home Information Searches Ltd which provides reports for solicitors on people buying and selling houses. Valerie says “We are doing okay. I believe that it’s karma – when someone is doing well it’s their duty to do good for others, which I believe sets up a circle of goodness. Two days after I donated the money, I received a letter giving me PPI payments back. Like I say, it’s karma!”

The money donated by Valerie means that Rosemere can now use the money it had earmarked for it to fund another project. The ice machine will help patients undergoing chemotherapy who sometimes experience a metallic taste in their mouth whilst others find that it alters how their food tastes. In either case, sucking on ice cubes can help to numb the taste buds to alleviate both issues. Radiotherapy, which is also used to treat some cancers, can cause a dry throat and mouth so again, sucking ice cubes and sipping chilled water can be helpful. In addition, if patients have a raised temperature, ice and a cool drink can be useful in bringing it down. We are therefore very grateful to Valerie for buying this machine for us.

Posted on 17 Nov 2019

November 17, 2019

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