Recent Rosemere project is music to radiotherapy patients’ ears!

Radiotherapy at Rosemere-Cancer

Patients undergoing radiotherapy at Rosemere Cancer Centre will now be able to listen to their own personal playlist to help them relax during their treatment session.

Therapeutic radiographers Olivia Ashby and Victoria Miller applied for the purchase of nine iPod Touches, nine Bluetooth speakers and a year-long Spotify Premium subscription with £2,105.91 from charity Rosemere Cancer Foundation.

Their aim is to create and develop an individual playlist for every patient and also, to play music in the patient waiting area. Olivia explained: “Various studies plus our own patient feedback shows that music selected by patients themselves can help reduce anxiety and aid relaxation, presenting the opportunity to potentially reduce the number of medications prescribed to patients in order to manager their treatment anxiety.”

Victoria added: “Being able to play music in the waiting area will also aid patient experience and relaxation, especially since Covid as shared entertainment resources such as magazines had to be removed for infection control. We believe that the new music, alongside the skylights fitted in the radiotherapy rooms, helps create a treatment environment that is peaceful and soothing.”

Thank you so much to our fabulous donors, fundraisers and volunteers for making things like this possible – the Cancer Centre at Royal Preston delivers almost 1,000 radiotherapy sessions for patients from across the whole region each and every week, so this has the potential to make a difference for so many people!

Posted on 16 Feb 2022

February 16, 2022

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