Two new projects in support of Blackpool endoscopy clinic

Thanks to the kind support of our donors, fundraisers and volunteers, we are delighted to have recently funded two fantastic projects to benefit cancer patients cared for at Blackpool Victoria Hospital’s endoscopy clinic.
Patients referred to the clinic may find the endoscopy procedure less uncomfortable, and quicker, following our purchase of an endoscopy scope guide for the clinic team.
The new scope guide, which cost £41,537, is used by the consultant, doctor or specialist nurse performing the endoscopy, including colonoscopy, to help them navigate the endoscope – a thin, flexible tube fitted with a small camera – around the bowel. An endoscopy enables clinicians to examine the bowel to help them make a diagnosis, and undertake procedures such as biopsies and polyp removal.
The Scope Guide sits next to the patient and is able to show where the endoscope is at each stage of the test to optimise diagnostic potential. As the Scope Guide supports the endoscopist, helping him or her negotiate the natural looping of the bowel, it may also reduce patient discomfort and potentially speed up the procedure.
Clinicians in the new Woodland Room at Blackpool Victoria HospitalWe also supported the clinic with a further £24,252 from our charitable funds to create a nature-inspired quiet room, to be used by patients who need a calming space. The room, which has floor to ceiling LED-lit panels depicting a forest taking up the whole of one of its walls and a comfortable sofa and armchairs, has been named the Woodlands Room.
As well as providing sanctuary for patients in a busy hospital, the Woodlands Room will also be used by the clinic’s staff as a more comfortable environment in which to explain diagnoses and treatment plans to patients and their families. A quiet space can also make it easier for a patient to digest information and ask questions of staff involved in their treatment.
Thank you to our supporters for helping raise the funds to enable us to support Blackpool Victoria’s endoscopy team in this way – these two projects will make a real difference for the patients that undergo treatment at the clinic.
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