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Join the Rosemere Charity Lottery

For as little as £1 you have the chance of winning up to £25,000, all whilst helping to ensure Cancer Patients across Lancashire and South Cumbria have access to world class care, now and in the future!

Sign up from just £1 per week

Rosemere Charity LotteryWhat is it?

We’ve partnered with Unity to run our lottery. From just £1 a week, you are entered into a weekly lottery where you can win up to £25,000. Every Friday, winners are selected at random and if your numbers match up, you are automatically sent your winnings:

  • For 6 correct digits, you can win an amazing £25,000
  • For 5 correct digits, you win £1000
  • For 4 digits, you win £25
  • For 3 digits, you win five extra entries for the next draw

How does it work?

50p of every £1 you play goes straight to Rosemere, to fund projects that support cancer patients across the region, and the remaining 50p is used to provide prizes and cover administration costs.

It’s a great way to win a substantial amount of money whilst playing your part in making the cancer journeys of patients across the region as effective, efficient and comfortable as possible.

To get involved, you can sign up online or request a paper form by contacting the office, at rosemere@lthtr.nhs.uk or on 01772 522 913.

Supporting world class cancer treatment locally